What is Homophobia Programme in Birmingham Schools?

Homophobia Program in Birmingham
A range of negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality is known as homophobia. Due to homophobia, people are identified as gays or lesbians. The homophobia can become a cause of prejudice and antipathy which is based on religious beliefs or some irrational fears. Due to homophobia, critical and hostile behaviour is created among the people. There are different types of homophobia like state-sponsored homophobia and religious homophobia etc. Here, experts of cheap assignment writing services will discuss homophobia programme in Birmingham schools and why parents are against it.

The Birmingham schools are found to be homophobic. Teachers are playing an important role in Birmingham schools in providing equality on the basis of sexual orientation. They have revealed this fact through different educational papers. The views of the people also show the dominance of the homophobia in the Birmingham schools. There are also some theoretical framings that uncover the heterosexual domination of the students. Their views are also providing a climate of homophobia for the students. Most of the parents are protesting against these programs due to the following reasons;
  1. The homophobia program is forcing the students to act just like a macho. Due to the macho, the students are limiting their individuality and self-expression.
  2. Due to this program, most of the students try to act aggressively and angrily. Its reason is that homophobia puts pressure even on the straight students to adopt aggressions.
  3. It is a common observation that most of the students try to become fast friends with the same sex students. Due to the homophobia, it is also hard for the students to become fast friends with the same sex students.
  4. A school is the best place to arise enough sense among the students to enjoy healthy relations with the family and community. Due to homophobia program, the students are not able to get this sense.
  5. The main aim of homophobia is to arise a sense of sex among the students. Due to this reason, this program leads towards some unwanted pregnancies.
  6. Due to the homophobia, the students are not able to get enough idea about sexuality and without lack of information; they are at a greater risk of HIV.
  7. Due to this program, when a student is appeared to be a guy, this program hurts the people.
  8. The homophobia creates a critical environment in the schools. Due to this critical environment, it is hard for students to find out true friends.
  9. Homophobia allows the students to take part in the sexual activities without taking care about the racism, sexism and classism. Due to these facts, it is hard for us to get rid of AIDS.
  10. The homophobia is helpful for the students to mainstream those main and unique traits that are not normal among the students. It is also hard for the students to appreciate true diversity due to the homophobia programs.

The homophobia programs in Birmingham schools are giving rise to these tactics. That’s why parents are protesting against these programs in the Birmingham schools.

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