What Is 100% Clean Energy? Why Do We Need To Shift To Clean Energy?

Nowadays, due to the increase in industries and population, our environment is facing a lot of issues like global warming, pollution, energy security concerns and much more. By keeping in mind these environmental issues, the people are motivated to use 100% clean or renewable energy. 100% clean or renewable energy provides a transition in the energy system. Its main aim is to convert the primary supply of energy into the renewable resources. For this reason, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass are used to compensate for the energy needs of the people all around the world. If you are not able to write an academic paper on 100% clean energy, then you can get help from academic writing services.

1) Helpful to reduce impacts on the environment

100% clean energy is a way of increasing the efficiency of energy. Moreover, it has also a lot of impacts on the positive change of the climate. For this reason, you have to perform some actions. These actions are explained below;

A) You should try to use LED and CFL light bulbs in your home

B) You should try to turn down the water heater of your home to the warm setting

C) There is no need to plug your laptops and mobile phones when you are not using them

D) You should try to buy energy-saving appliances for the household use

E) You should also try to replace the filters of your air conditioner

2) Impacts on your health

The electricity generation process lasts a lot of impacts on your health. First of all, it can become a cause of generating Sulfur Dioxide. The main impact of this sulfur dioxide is in the form of acid rain. It can also generate nitrogen oxides. The main cause of these nitrogen oxides is in the form of depletion in the ozone layer. The Ozone that is created from this process becomes a cause of creating smog in the urban area. The carbon dioxide also has a lot of impacts and contributions towards the climate change. On the other hand, if you generate electricity by using 100% clean energy techniques, then you can save your environment from these adverse impacts.

3) 100% clean energy benefits the economy

With the help of 100% clean energy, you can get a reliable amount of power supplies. Therefore, it is an important way to conserve the natural resources of a nation. There are a lot of benefits of 100% clean energy for the economy of a country. For this reason, first of all, it will enhance the energy security. Secondly, it is helpful for a nation for its economic development. Thirdly, a country can also create stability at the prices with the help of 100% clean energy.

4) Reducing energy dependence

Most of the countries depend on other countries in order to fulfil their energy needs. By using the 100% clean energy, a country can also become an energy independent. This thing is helpful for a country in order to stabilize its economy. As a result, the local economy of that country will be boosted up.

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